About Us

Camo Platforms, Inc. builds AI-powered mobile & IoT solutions to help the U.S. military (~$800B) and healthcare sectors (~$4T) serve the needs of its community members. Camo Platforms delivers exceptional digital experiences to US government, commercial entities and end users. We build scalable and elastic omni-channel digital platforms across mobile, IoT and web. Artificial intelligence is the architecture of our platforms not just a feature. 

Camo Platforms was established to help the U.S. military & healthcare sectors commercialize leading technologies and leverage those innovations to positively impact the American society. With access to leading research institutions and deep technology in the Greater Boston area, we seek to leverage advancements in artificial intelligence to help our customers and America remain competitive.

Our leadership

Honorable Andrew Weber

Former Assistant SECDEF & Council on Strategic Risks

Kanwar Singh

Technologist & Army Officer

Jasleen Khaira

Product Leader

Dr. Amar Sawhney

Chairman & CEO, Instylla Inc. 

Kathryn Person

MIT Innovation Initiative & Army Officer

Dr. Stephanie Yacoubian

Thoracic Anesthesiologist, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Rajeev Surati

Software Entrepreneur

Dr. John Paul Rollert

Harvard University & University of Chicago