We are live on the App Store!

July 2020: Camo for Military is now available on the Apple App Store. We are currently inviting individuals to assist with field testing and provide critical feedback to help us improve the app experience. Please take a look and let us know what you think!

Customer Problem

  • Barriers to communication

  • Lack of digitization and automation

  • Limited combat readiness

Solution: Camo Mobile App

  • Provides better “customer service” to service-members

  • Allows for better communication and the ability to report issues

  • Generates dashboards for leaders for accountability, reporting & transparency

Product Vision

An easy to use application used by every service member which enables an efficient, communicative and customer oriented organization. The mobile app simplifies and automates the day to day tasks so our servicemembers can focus on their mission, stay motivated, and passionate about serving their country.

Product Strategy

  • The app allows our soldiers, airmen and officers to communicate effectively, get their issues appropriately escalated, keep track of their gear and equipment, learn about new opportunities, and effectively run the organization.

  • The easy to use mobile interface enables service members to get the information that they need to succeed in their day to day tasks/assigned mission, and accomplish their overall goals.

  • Finally, by automating tasks that sink up time, and by digitizing important day to day functions such as inventory management and knowledge sharing, the app increases satisfaction, efficiency, and happiness levels across the force.

Artificial Intelligence Core

  • Chatbot can be trained over time to handle specific questions

  • Machine learning allows the app to recommend the right content

  • Proactive and automated reporting helps leadership understand gaps across the organization and make necessary changes

Industry Leading Encryption & Security

  • Identity management, secure connection & advanced encryption

  • Simplified & stream-lined process for onboarding all new users

  • Only meant for unclassified communication. DISA-approved encryption leveraged

Agile for Design & Delivery

  • Rapid prototyping and close collaboration leads to strong results

  • Open and transparent communication through agile ceremonies

  • Allows for open-communication, prompt feedback and trust

Value Proposition

  • Frees up time from routine tasks to focus on higher value ones

  • Designed to solve problems at the company & squadron-level

  • Improves recruiting and retention in the organization